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from 22 MAR 2018 to 03 JUN 2018
The artistic practice of Dayana Lucas (Caracas, Venezuela, 1987) is based on daily drawing. She views drawing as something which is experienced through the body, and her work highlights the importance of the associated process, gesture, and action. This doesn’t lead to the depiction of specific scenes or explanations, but rather suggestions. Empty space dominates her compositions. In her own words, her works result from a ‘conversation with the blank space’ of the sheet of paper. Consisting of unbroken lines, drawn in a single stroke, her drawings require major concentration and truly physical discipline. They explore the tension between urgency and suspension, vigour and elegance, lightness. The dialogue with the sheet of paper’s blank space lends a special dynamism and energy to her compositions, making each drawing an austere, abstract but visually rich exercise, in terms of the relationship between the void and fullness, figure and background, weight and lightness, and impressions of movement.

Interested in emphasizing the relationship between drawing and her own body and the bodies of the works’ spectators, Dayana Lucas has been exploring how to transfer the lines used in her drawings to three-dimensional space. In the Contemporary Gallery of the Serralves Museum, she decided to work with the space, expanding and materializing several lines from her drawings in order to stage a conversation with the blank space of the room. The composition of this drawing, which visitors can enter, is dramatically altered by their movements within the space. The lines are suspended from the ceiling, and as we move about they seem to come to life, meet and diverge, in an authentic choreography.

This premeditated relationship between the spectators’ bodies and the ‘drawing in space’ is underlined by the invitation to experience her works while listening to a piece of music, in which a substantial part of the sound is obtained via the (circular, repetitive) movement of a finger around the rim of a glass. Lucas, who describes this music as the perfect ‘suggestion of a line which is simultaneously infinite and circular’ uses it as a kind of activator of the works. In the silence, it’s as if they were ‘asleep’. The music makes a decisive contribution to altering the experiences of the spectators’ bodies in space and their relationship with the suspended lines.

Exhibition organized by Serralves Contemporary Art Museum and curated by Ricardo Nicolau, deputy to the director of the museum.

Image: Espírito Manual, 2017, Dayana Lucas

Sponsor of the exhibition
  • LocationContemporary Gallery
  • Days 22 MAR 2018 - 03 JUN 2018

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