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The handmade and deliberately badly done, badly finished nature of some works by Ana Jotta (Lisbon, 1946) can be seen as a criticism of the efficiency and professionalism that seem to hold all activities (including artistic ones) hostage today. Arguing that the artist is a "transformer” of everyday objects - those we all see but only some recognise as bizarre, intriguing -, Jotta is a self-confessed copier and gatherer of objects, images and words, which she shamelessly misappropriates and uses with and without transformations: everything is digested, decontextualised and transformed into her own art.

In Joana, Ana Jotta appropriates discarded and poor materials (bicycle wheels and wine bottles), to parody one of the greatest symbols of luxury and power - the chandelier, omnipresent in palaces and other architecture linked to political and financial power. At the same time, Joana is directly related to two of the works that most immediately illustrate the artistic avant-garde - Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel 1914 and his famous bottle dryer 1917.  

This initiative is the result of a partnership between the Serralves Foundation and Infraestruturas de Portugal, Manager of Rossio Railway Station.
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  • Days 20 DEC 2018 - 20 JUN 2019

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