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from 14 OCT 2017 to 04 MAR 2018
Helena Almeida, Christian Boltanski, Filipa César, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Tony Cragg, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ângela Ferreira, Fernanda Fragateiro, Gordon Matta-Clark, Juan Muñoz, Bruce Nauman, Luís Palma, Pipilotti Rist, Martha Rosler, Edward Ruscha, Ana Vieira.

The title of this exhibition derives from the popular expression whereby we assure to someone that our hospitality is sincere. It also establishes the home as the centre of a relationship between two or more people – in a dialectic that may synthesize the dynamic between the artist and the audience. The houses conceived by artists will temporarily serve as our home. 

There is in fact a very considerable number of artists for whom the home is both the theme and pretext. The artists and the works featured in this exhibition, place domestic and everyday life at the centre of their concerns, proposing different interpretations of what we mean by "home”. For some artists, like Fernanda Fragateiro and Pedro Cabrita Reis, the home is the shelter, a protective space of waiting, that is evocative of states and feelings, such as loneliness and melancholy. For other artists, such as Ana Vieira, Juan Muñoz, Bruce Nauman and Gil Heitor Cortesão, the home is the ideal starting point, via an analytical scalpel, to identify and talk about neuroses, repressions. For yet other artists - Martha Rosler is a paradigmatic example - the home, specifically the kitchen, is a symbol of womanhood and therefore the scenario and object of the fiercest criticism of women’s traditional role. 

Independently of the approach that is adopted, the home always seems to engage a subtle game between the private and the public spheres. Maybe that's why some of the artists featured in "My Home is Your Home" – such as Angela Ferreira, Gordon Matta-Clark and Luís Palma - underline the relationship between the home and the street and the city, and dedicate themselves to thinking about eminently urban issues.

In relation to the utopian ideals and dream of human liberation that underpin modernist architecture and urbanism, these artists counterpose vernacular models of enlargement of houses (e.g. enclosed verandahs) or a disordered territory that mixes up urban and rural organizations, that used to be coherent and distinct.

These artists’ homes are our homes.  

  • LocationQuinta da Cruz, Viseu
  • Days 14 OCT 2017 - 04 MAR 2018

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