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from 22 MAY 2018 to 09 SEP 2018
In 1956, when Paris resident Hungarian architect Yona Friedman presented his ‘Mobile Architecture’ manifesto, low cost trips were not yet on the horizon, the reality of ‘the home office’ sounded like sci-fi and globalization was not yet called by that name. However, his visionary genius had foreseen a world based on flexibility, a mobile world adaptable to the various needs of city dwellers.

Although the complexity of the new challenges that face today’s society is more daunting than the reality of the Cold War — starkly present on the horizon of the late 1950s —, many of Friedman’s principles were incorporated into architectural vocabulary in various ways. Seen as utopian for a while, his ideas now influence a new generation of urban planners and architects dedicated to studying renewed forms of inhabiting and coexisting in a society.

Recognizing the significance of these concepts the Educational Service of the Serralves Museum chose them as the theme for the Annual Project with Schools 2017/2018. Based on project methodology practice, we have invited schools to reflect on our way of conceiving and experiencing our physical spaces and how we interact with the world through them.

Following encounters with teachers, a seminar and workshops for students and teachers, Serralves challenged each group to reflect on these issues with the purpose of creating a flexible, participative and participated building proposal.

The different constructions that now make up the exhibition ‘Annual Project with Schools’ form a stable, adaptable and mouldable city capable of better addressing the needs of its inhabitants.

We are grateful to the 50 schools from the districts of Aveiro, Braga, Bragança, Porto, Lisbon, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real and Viseu who have participated in this edition of our Annual Project with Schools.

A special word of gratitude is due to the architect Yona Friedman, who kindly offered us the possibility of reproducing his drawings on the walls of the exhibition and thus share with our visitors the fluidity, humanity and lucidity of his work.

This exhibition is a city that aspires to be assembled, altered, appropriated and experienced by visitors.

Our partnership with the Fundação GALP ensured the possibility of thinking the major issues of the future in this ongoing project with schools: sustainability of cities in terms of population, work and energy, and the need to invent new ways of living together that are more harmonious, more human and fluid; and to think architecture as an exercise to address contemporary issues and requirements and foster civic action and the transformation of cities.

From 22 May to 9 September this is the exercise we propose to all our visitors: to freely think and move a city.
  • LocationEducational Service Room (Museum)
  • Days 22 MAY 2018 - 09 SEP 2018

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