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from 02 FEB 2018 to 24 JUN 2018
John Divola, Trisha Donnelly, António Júlio Duarte, Ângela Ferreira, Christine Sun Kim, Ana Manso, Nick Mauss, Miguel Palma, Victor Pires Vieira, Ana Santos, Sarkis, Monir Sharoudy Farmanfaimaian, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yonamine

The Serralves Collection currently includes over 4,500 works — more than 1,700 owned by the Serralves Foundation and the remaining works from various private and public collections — including the Collection of the Secretariat of State for Culture (SEC). The focus of the collection is contemporary art produced since the 1960s — a historical period of major political, social and cultural changes wherein new paradigms of artistic production emerged — up to the present-day of the post-colonial and globalized era. Works from the collection are regularly presented inside and outside the Museum in various exhibitions and presentations such as ‘Serralves Collection: 1960-1980’ (2017), ‘Conversations: Recent Portuguese Art in the Serralves Collection’ (2016) and ‘Can the Museum be a Garden? Works from the Serralves Collection’ (2015). A strong programme of touring exhibitions has also been presented throughout Portugal with 25 exhibitions in 2017, as well as several presentations of the collection internationally. 

‘SERRALVES COLLECTION: NEW LINES, IMAGES, OBJECTS’ chronicles the confirming evolution of the museum collection into a reference for contemporary art in Portugal. The acquisitions presented in this exhibition broaden the collection’s core of historical works by ensuring that the fundamental history of art in the 1960s and 70s is constantly enriched, rethought and updated, as evident in the works by Sarkis and Victor Pires Vieira. Recent acquisitions have also aimed to ensure a greater presence of photography within the collection, including works by Wolfgang Tillmans, John Divola, and António Júlio Duarte, incorporated into the collection for the first time. Some of the most diverse art currently being produced is here represented by Trisha Donnelly, Ana Manso, Christine Sun Kim and Yonamine. Some of these works were specifically produced for presentations in Serralves (Ana Manso and Monir Sharoudy Farmanfarmaian) and, for exhibitions designed in dialogue with the historical, social and architectural context of the Serralves Foundation (Nick Mauss).

The variety of recent acquisitions also aims to expand the collection to include other parts of the world, beyond the Europe-USA axis, such as Turkey, Iran and Angola, and emphasize artists who deal with post-colonialism and, specifically, the relationship between Portugal and its former colonies, as in the work of Ângela Ferreira.

Recently integrated into the collection are also a series of large-scale works, not presented here, by artists such as Angela Bullock (currently on display in the Serralves Park), Tacita Dean, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Liam Gillick, Mona Hatoum, Lais Myrrha, Philippe Parreno and Julião Sarmento.
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OPENING: 19 FEB (MON), 6:30 PM

Talk in the exhibition Serralves Collection: New Lines, Shapes, Objects
with the artists Ângela Ferreira, Ana Santos, Pires Vieira and Ricardo Nicolau (Deputy to the Director) and João Ribas (Director of the Museum).

  • LocationSerralves Museum
  • Days 02 FEB 2018 - 24 JUN 2018

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