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from 02 MAR 2018 to 01 JUL 2018
Pedro Cabrita Reis (Lisbon, 1956) is one of the most internationally renowned Portuguese artists. Initially trained as a painter, Cabrita Reis is best known for his sculptures and large-scale installations and constructions. He prefers working with boards, bricks, iron, panes of glass and fluorescent lamps — materials that derive from the world of construction and industry. The artist is interested in ideas of the home and territory, and attempts to establish a permanent dialogue with architecture. As he explains: ‘In sculpture, I’m interested in the act of building. There are sculptors who model [...], but I belong to the family of artists who build — who put one thing on top of another, who bind two things together, who bind a stone with a piece of wood, a bit of iron with glass, who have to study how things can be joined together. To a certain extent any sculpture is a metaphor for the act of construction. In my opinion it is the act of construction that defines humanity more than anything else’. 
A Lifetime#1 is a sculpture resulting from the action of irregularly stacking aluminum modules, thereby forming an apparently disordered and confused compact mass. The result is an interaction between the dynamic energy of an empty space and solid areas, reinforced by the orange-coloured painting that demarcates several lines of the sculpture. This dialogue with built structures and the language of construction once again places the act of building at the heart of Cabrita Reis’ work.  

In the image: A Lifetime #1, Pedro Cabrita Reis, (photo) © PCRSTUDIO / João Ferro Martins.
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  • LocationArrivals' Hall, Porto Airport
  • Days 02 MAR 2018 - 01 JUL 2018

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