Seasonal visits with tea and scones

This activity requires a minimum number of participants. 
The visit ends in the Tea House, in the heart of Serralves Park, where employees will be welcomed with tea and scones. The visit may begin at 15:30 in Serralves Museum’s foyer, and lasts approximately 1 ½ hours.  

Springtime in the Park
In the springtime, Serralves Park is reborn, grows and renews itself. The void left by the winter is completely transformed. The flowers, colours and aromas return in their fullness. Invite your employees to witness this transformation, in a visit to the Park - a remarkable and unique example of landscape art from the first half of the twentieth century. The visit can begin at 15:30 in Serralves Museum’s foyer, and will last approximately 1 ½ hours.  

Autumn in the Park
Serralves Park has a remarkable shrub and arboreal heritage and in the autumn metamorphoses into a pallet of a thousand colours. In November, we invite you to visit this unique landscape site, in the company of the vibrant red and golden tones of the liquidambars, ginkgos and tulip trees.

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