Itinerant Exhibitions

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art aims to be an important reference for contemporary art in Portugal, and also constitute an active element within the international art community. Ensuring that the collection is accessible outside Serralves is therefore reflected in a rich and diverse programme of itinerant exhibitions and international co-productions:
- via itinerant exhibitions in Portugal conducted through partnerships with municipalities across the country, Serralves fosters an extension of the access network and enables local populations to draw closer to art and culture;
- via international co-productions with foreign cultural institutions, Serralves actively participates in international museums networks that are committed to fostering culture and ensuring its development around the world.

Itinerant Exhibitions
JUAN MUÑOZ | BENDING - NO AEROPORTO DE 2019-12-12 a 2020-07-05
The piece shows four articulated figures in iron, slightly bent and joined two by two through a lower sculpture attached to a sort of wooden box (shaped as a tomb) from whence they seem to have come. Even if not yet showing the st...
Cabrita: I Dreamt Your House Was a Line DE 2020-05-18 a 2020-07-26
Cabrita é conhecido pelas suas amplas instalações e construções. Os seus materiais, cuja origem o artista resiste a modificar ou dissimular, provêm do mundo do trabalho e da indústria. A instalação I Dreamt Your House W...
Alberto Carneiro, Alicia Framis, Ana Jotta, Blinky Palermo, Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos, Helena Almeida, James Lee Byars, João Queiroz, José Pedro Croft, Julião Sarmento, Leonor Antunes, Luísa Correia Pereira, Marcelo Cidade,...

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