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Recent Acquisitions

The Serralves Foundation began collecting artists´ books and publications in 1999 with the purchase of editions that had been created during the 1960s and 70s. Since that time the collection has continued to grow in both number and scope.

Image: "Cave Canis”, 1995-1999. Artists’ Books and Editions. Coll. Fundação de Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto. Photo Filipe Braga, © Fundação de Serralves, Porto.

Cave Canis

In the wake of the worldwide glorification of Barcelona via the 1992 Olympics Games, a group of publishers felt that it was time to revive the creative and critical spirit at a cultural level, in the form of a magazine, in order to demonstrate the prevailing level of creativity - via manifestos and works without intermediaries. As a result, Vicenç Altaió, Claret Serrahima, Manel Guerrero, Joaquim Pibernat and Manel Sala launched the magazine, Cave Canis, (which literally means "beware of the dogs") in Barcelona, in 1996.

Starting with its first edition the magazine announced that it would have a short-lived existence - only 9 issues were published, each corresponding to one letter of the publication’s name. The magazine was constituted by a cardboard box, designed by Claret Serrahima, a manifesto, an artist’s book and sometimes contained CDs with recordings and other artistic objects, all associated with the same monographic topic. Each issue had a letter on the front cover designed by an artist. Cave Canis wasn’t available in the usual retail outlets. Each issue was presented in an unusual place in the city, where the manifesto was read, copies were distributed and the magazine then disappeared from sight. The last issue was published in 1999.

·         Cave Canis, 1 : Tardor 1995.
Obras / Works de /of:  Enric Satué, Antoni Tàpies, Miquel Bauçà, Marcial, Albert Mestre, Zusch, Fernando Pessoa, Joaquim Sala Sanahuja, Manel Esclusa, Harry Mathews, Màrius Serra, Alfredo Jaar, Perejaume, Xin Kedu.
·         Cave Canis, 2 : Hivern 1996.
Obras / Works de /of:  Mike Dempsey, Antoni Llena, Régis Debray, Ramon Lladó, Joan Miró, Pere Portabella, Joan Brossa, Carlo Sini, Maria Recasens, Roc Parés, Narcís Parés, Joan Fontcuberta, Jan Fabre, Tom Carr, Muntadas.
·         Cave Canis, 3 : Primavera 1996.
Obras / Works de /of:  Rubén Fontana, Emili Padrós, Frederic Amat, David Byrne, Pep Blay/Carme Fortuño, William Boyd, Francesc Parcerisas, Laurence Weiner, Carles Guerra, Salvador Dalí, Víctor Fernández, Patrick Gifreu, Jordi Benito, Emili Padrós.
·         Cave Canis, 4 : Estiu-tardor de 1996.
Obras / Works de /of:  Joaquín Gallego, Jordi Colomer, Julián Rios, Josep M. Mestres Quadreny, Alfons Borrell, Ángel Crespo, Xavier Rubert de Ventós, Neus Buira, Enric Casassas, Jesús Galdón, Carles Hac Mor, Vicenç Altaió, Philippe Cazal.
·         Cave Canis, 5 : Hiver-primavera de 1997.
Obras / Works de /of:  Alan Fletcher, Gabriel, Christian Prigent, Véronique Aubouy, Pau Maragall (Pau Malvido), Pau Riba, Arnau Pons, Rafel Joan, Marina Warner, Matthew Tree (traducció), Antoine Laval, Benet Rossell.
·         Cave Canis, 6 : Estiu-tardor de 1997.
Obras / Works de /of:  Massimo Vignelli, Hannah Collins, Francesc Abad, José Maria Mendiluce, Joan Rom, Albert Mestres, Joan Albert Planell, Chema Alvargonzález, Menene Gras Balaguer, Sebastià Gasch, Antonine Laval.
·         Cave Canis, 7 : Hivern de 1998.
Obras / Works de /of:  America Sanchez, Carlos Pazos, Miquel de Palol, Jacques Dupin, Paul Celan, Arnau Pons, Alberto Giacometti, Arnau Puig, Marc Fourquet, Siegfried Ceballos & Medamothi Artistic Cockpit, Brigitte Szenczi, Juan Antonio Mañas, V. Ferran Martinell, René Matras, Imma Julián, Konik.
·         Cave Canis, 8 : Tardor-hivern de 1998.
Obras / Works de /of:  Cornel Windlin, Maïs, Pep Duran Esteva, Nina Pawlowsky, Enric Miralles, Bigas Luna, Tito Muñoz, Albert Roig, Alobert Aragonès, Osvaldo Salerno, Alban Martínez Gueyraud, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Miheul Morey, Victor Mira, Peter D´Agostino, Montse Badia, Robert Wilson.
·         Cave Canis, 9 : Primavera-estiu de 1999.
Obras / Works de /of:  Claret Serrahima, Carles Santos, Mariaelena Roqué, Pascal Comelade, Llorenç Balsach, Alfredo Jaar, Xavier Déu, A.A. Bronson, José Carlos Castaño, Humberto Rivas, Francesc Pujols, Josep Uclés, Carles Hac Mor, Esther Xargay, Adolf Alcañiz, Barbara Held, Josep Lluís Mateo.

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